Research project – PriMed

The project “Process optimization through integrated medical devices in operating rooms and hospitals” – PriMed for short – addresses the problem of the current lack of manufacturer-independent, secure networking between devices and the exchange of information between specialist disciplines. In order to create added value in terms of process optimization in the OR and clinic, device-specific information and functionalities must be accessible across disciplines and departments.

The idea is to further develop integrated workstations for surgery, anesthesia, OR nursing, OR management and the other interfaces to the hospital, which were already started with great success in previous projects (OR.NET, ZiMT). The focus is on the development of workstations through which functions and information can be exchanged effectively and efficiently. In addition, multimodal, process- and context-dependent input options for the surgical team (surgeon, surgical nurse, anaesthetist), such as touch, tablet, gesture and voice control, are to be created.

By using the open communication standard according to IEEE 11073, the cross-disciplinary process optimizations described above are possible for the first time in OR and clinic. The optimized processes should ultimately lead to better diagnosis and therapy procedures while at the same time saving resources (personnel, technology and operating capacities).


Leitmarkt IKT.NRW


SurgiTAIX AG , Lehrstuhl für Medizintechnik (mediTEC) der RWTH Aachen, vertreten durch den Rektor, am Helmholtz-Institut für Biomedizinische Technik , Sektion Medizintechnik der Klinik für Anästhesiologie in der Uniklinik der RWTH Aachen (UKA-AN/SMT), Docs in Clouds GmbH (DiC), BEGER DESIGN (Beger), IT4process GmbH (IT4process), Klinik für Orthopädie der Uniklinik der RWTH Aachen (UKA-Ortho), Klinik für Neurochirurgie der Uniklinik der RWTH Aachen (UKA-Neuro), Localite GmbH, OP Management der Uniklinik der RWTH Aachen (UKA-OPM)

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