OR Resource control

Fewer phone calls with up-to-date information at all times.

Due to the ever increasing cost pressure, efficient processes are extremely important. The aim is to reduce costs while continuously improving quality and patient safety. One example are telephone calls to obtain information which cost valuable time and this number can be significantly reduced by appropriate system support.

The OR area makes a significant contribution to the economic situation of the hospital as a whole. The daily task of OR resource management is to coordinate all persons and resources involved in the OR program and to ensure that the OR program runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. For this purpose, the OR resource management must always have a comprehensive and as up-to-date as possible overview of all available persons and resources. In addition to surgeons, anaesthetists and nursing staff, the availability of operating theatres, intensive care beds and sterile equipment must also be ensured. The multitude of influencing factors and the great dynamics of daily events result in a considerable amount of time and effort for information procurement. Most of this is done by telephone and the constant ringing of the telephone is often an unwanted additional burden for those affected.

Thanks to our solutions for the support of the OP resource control, up-to-date information about the current surgical program and the resulting required beds (bed management) as well as the required sterile material (sterile supply / CSSD planning) are available at any time. This reduces the number of necessary telephone calls and increases planning reliability and the quality of the decisions to be made.

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