Association description OR.NET e.V.

IT4process is a member of OR.NET e.V. The association was formed from the project OR.NET, which was completed in 2016 and in which IT4process was also involved as a project partner.

OR.NET e.V. has set itself the goal of “realizing the openly networked operating room of the future”. This goal is to be implemented, among other things, by using modern information and communication technology in the clinics. Devices, instruments and software solutions are thus to be networked with each other and implemented in the operating room and clinic as an interdisciplinary and cross-departmental infrastructure.
From previous research, three IEEE standards have emerged that are open to manufacturers so that many systems can be connected to the standards.

A further aim is the dissemination of these standards. To this end, various working groups are working on core issues such as approval and commissioning of demonstration and test centres.

Research projects

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