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About us

IT4process GmbH provides consulting services and software solutions for hospitals with a focus on surgical management, bed planning, and sterile supply department (SSD).

IT4process GmbH was established as a spin-off of the renowned RWTH Aachen University. Our team of experts has spent over ten years with the analysis and optimization of processes in hospitals and other enterprises with complex workflow processes, as well as with the support of these processes with software solutions. In this time we have developed solid process and optimization knowledge. Based on this, and in collaboration with the University Hospital of the RWTH Aachen and further pilot users, we have developed process-adapted software solutions for optimal support of the employees in the exercise of your daily business in various fields. Addressees are: surgical management, intensive-care units, bed planning, surgical nursing, anesthesia, emergency room and central sterile supply department (CSSD).

Due to the ever-increasing cost pressures, efficient processes are extremely important for hospitals. It is to save costs, while continuously improving quality and patient safety. As specialists in the area of planning, control, and optimization, we support you in optimizing your processes and provide you with successfully tested solutions to improve interdepartmental communication. The success and satisfaction of our customers are our highest goals. It is our vision to make the daily operations more efficient, safer and thereby easier on everyone involved. Therefore, we continuously optimize the way information is used and accessed. On the basis of more comprehensive and always update information, your employees can make better decisions and better coordinate workflows. Thus, you increase your efficiency, reduce unforeseen problematic situations and save money.

In addition to our existing product portfolio, we offer a range of services. Moreā€¦