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Managing the surgial-set deployment between surgical area and CSSD

The IT4process CSSD-Planner software supports the needs-based provisioning of the surgical area with sterile goods (especially surgical sets). A configurable surgical set ordering system generates optimized work plans for personnel in the CSSD, based on the current surgical program imported from the hospital information system and predefined minimum stock levels. Expected shortages are displayed in the OR plan which allows for adequate rescheduling. Paper-based storage and order lists are implemented digitally and the communication by fax and telephone it replaced by suitable software-based realtime communication mechanisms. The software was developed together with staff from the surgical area and the CSSD. The graphical user interface is characterized by clarity and easy operation.

Information Flyer (PDF)

Easy installation and usage

The IT4process software runs in any modern web browser. After the setup of a central server component, the user interface is available from anywhere in the hospital.

Import data from the HIS

Information relevant to plan and control the availability of sterile goods can be imported into the IT4process bed planner software through our open interface from an existing Hospital Information System and/or CSSD software solution. Duplicate manual input of data can be avoided.

Simple, intuitive user interface

Simplicity and clarity in the use of software are critical in ensuring a successful application in hospitals. IT4process software is therefore designed from the start with the aim of efficient operation under continuous involvement of pilot users .

Smartglasses in der Sterilgutversorgung

IT4process koordiniert das vom Land NRW und der EU im Rahmen des Leitmarktwettbewerbs IKT.NRW geförderte Verbundforschungsprojekt "Smartglasses in der Sterilgutversorgung". Kernidee des Vorhabens ist der Einsatz von Datenbrillen (Smartglasses) bei der Aufbereitung von Medizinprodukten in Sterilgutversorgungsabteilungen im Zusammenspiel mit einem „intelligenten“ Informations- und Planungssystem. Mitarbeiter(innen) erhalten über ihre Datenbrille jederzeit und überall aktuelle Informationen und konkrete Unterstützungshinweise. Von Vorteil ist dabei, dass immer beide Hände frei und für die eigentliche Arbeit verfügbar sind. Mehr Informationen unter ...

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