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Operation Management

Fewer phone calls thanks to always up-to-date information.

Due to the ever-increasing cost pressures, efficient processes are extremely important. It is to save costs, while improving quality and patient safety continuously. An example are the phone calls for information gathering that cost valuable time and which can be significantly reduced by appropriate software support.

The OP area contributes significantly to the economic situation of the hospital as a whole. The daily task of the surgical management is the coordination of all people and resources involved in the OP program and to ensure a smooth and as efficient as possible OP program-sequence. For this purpose, the surgical management must have, at all times, a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of all available people and resources. In addition to surgeons, anesthetists and nurses also the availability of e.g. operating rooms, intensive care beds and sterile goods has to be ensured. The large number of influencing factors and the great dynamism in the daily events results in a large effort to gather all required information. This informatoin retrieval is done to a large extent by phone and the constantly ringing telephone is an often unwanted additional burden for involved personnel.

Thanks to our solutions that support the surgical management there is always up-to-date information available regarding the current operating program and the required beds (bed management) and the required sterile goods (Sterile supply / CSSD Planning). This reduces the number of required phone calls and increases the predictability and quality of the decisions to be taken.

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